RJC H1 GP General Paper Notes (Teachers-Compiled) 2019
RJC H1 GP General Paper Notes (Teachers-Compiled) 2019
RJC H1 GP General Paper Notes (Teachers-Compiled) 2019
RJC H1 GP General Paper Notes (Teachers-Compiled) 2019

RJC H1 GP General Paper Notes (Teachers-Compiled) 2019

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✨ Content aims to stimulate critical thinking to form strong, well-supported opinions of your own
✨ Essential to ace exams with convincing essays
✨ Provides numerous different point of views and examples for holistic understanding of the issues
✨ Useful for crafting topic sentences, strengthening arguments with examples, start and end essay powerfully
✨ Suitable for additional study materials on top of school notes to widen your general knowledge
✨ Softcopy (208 pages: 2 sheets per page) - Deal immediately

1. 2019 Year 6: The Arts
2. 2019 Year 6: Global Issues
3. 2019 Year 6: Politics & Governance I
4. 2019 Year 6: Politics & Governance II
5. 2018 Year 5: Science & Technology
6. 2018 Year 5: Media & Social Issues

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